Jonas Kaufmann

MSc Thesis and HiWi at MPI-SWS, CS at Saarland University


Hey there, I’m a computer science student at Saarland University and a member of the Operating Systems Group at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) under the supervision of my namesake Antoine Kaufmann. There, I am helping to develop the full system simulation framework SimBricks as well as spinning off my own project AC⚡DSim.

Generally, I enjoy playing around with hard- and software to figure out what makes it perform decently or run efficiently. During my time at the university, I developed a particular interest in Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, High-Performance Networking, Software Engineering, as well as also some theory here and there. It’s a lot of fun applying the obtained knowledge and combining it with existing state-of-the-art work and approaches to build something new and even more useful.